Don't Forget These AC Maintenance Tips For Your Kentuckiana Home
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5 AC Maintenance Tips for Kentuckiana Homeowners

If you’re a Kentuckiana homeowner, you’re likely looking for ways to preserve or even maximize your comfort year-round. Whether you reside in Kentucky or Indiana, you’re no stranger to blazing hot seasons.

Unfortunately, homeowners often overlook how crucial routine AC maintenance is. With consistent, proper tune-ups, you can improve your air conditioner’s efficiency, increase its lifespan, and save money on energy bills. Here are a few DIY maintenance tasks you can perform to ensure your AC stays at the top of its game.

Change Your Air Filters

When it comes to AC tune-ups, there isn’t a more user-friendly task than inspecting and replacing your air filter. This should be done before prime air conditioning seasons and every one to three months during. If you think about how air circulates, having a dirty filter means dirty air is being inadequately recycled throughout your home.

Regularly cleaning your filter to maintain good indoor air quality is vital. Also, clogged filters have to work harder, which reduces system efficiency and can cause energy bill spikes.

Clean The Condenser Coils

These are the units outside your home that release heat gathered from inside. They collect buildup quickly, so checking and cleaning them regularly is important. The task is simpler than it looks and can be performed on your own, but if you’re not comfortable, enlist an expert for professional maintenance to get this done right.

Improper cleaning may also damage the coil fins and reduce the unit’s heat exchange capabilities, and it can even negatively impact internal electrical parts.

Check Refrigerant Levels

Refrigerant allows the air conditioner unit to transfer heat to the outdoors properly. When its levels are right, it can do this more efficiently. This means the system avoids overworking or damaging itself, which means you avoid increased utility bills and potential repair costs.

To check your AC refrigerant levels, turn off the unit, remove the cover and access panel to locate the refrigerant level gauges, connect the high and low-pressure gauges to their corresponding valves, analyze the readings according to ideal ranges, and add or reduce refrigerant as needed based on the pressure readings. Remember, ideal pressure levels vary based on average temperature and specific unit requirements.

Ensure Your Thermostat Is Calibrated Right

Most don’t consider this a form of AC maintenance. But the reality is that calibrating your thermostat to work less while you’re away reduces energy costs, preserves system efficiency, and extends longevity. Some models can be programmed for optimal temperatures while you’re away or at work, and some smart units can even sense when you’re home or not.

Get A Professional Tune-Up

A+ Derr Heating & Cooling has a team of trained technicians who offer professional AC maintenance in the Kentuckiana area. With pro-level tune-ups yearly or biyearly, you can rest easy knowing our experts can correct issues the average homeowner might miss.

We’ll give a general condition check, explain things to you in simple language, and perform comprehensive maintenance tasks that guarantee your AC’s reliability and effectiveness. From Louisville, KY, to Evansville, IN, know that A+ Derr has you covered no matter where you are.

We’ve also created our all-inclusive maintenance plan for homeowners looking to maximize their home’s heating and cooling capabilities. When you sign up, you’ll enjoy discounts on service, seasonal tune-ups, and so much more. 

Contact A+ Derr to schedule comprehensive air conditioning maintenance in the Kentuckiana areas.

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