The Importance Of Regular Heat Pump Service/Maintenance
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Importance of Regular Heat Pump Service: What You Need to Know

Do you heat and cool your home with a heat pump? If you do, you’re in good company because many homeowners in Kentuckiana are finding the benefits of this cost-effective HVAC option. If you have a heat pump, you’re going to want to invest in regular heat pump servicing. These systems have many moving parts, just like the engine on your car. Maintenance for them is similar to your routine oil changes. It’s not something you can choose to ignore.

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Benefits of Regular Heat Pump Servicing

Why should you service your heat pump even when it seems to be operating correctly? Here are some benefits of routine heat pump maintenance:

  • Extended life span: You can extend the life span of your heat pump if you keep it well maintained, meaning less risk of needing to buy a replacement unit.
  • Lower energy bills: You likely chose a heat pump because it’s so energy-efficient. With regular maintenance, you can enjoy even more energy efficiency.
  • Reduced risk of a breakdown: A well-maintained system is less likely to fail, so you won’t have to call our technicians for repair as regularly.

Common Problems with Heat Pumps

When a technician comes to your home to perform heat pump maintenance, they’ll not only do a tune-up of your system. They’ll also check it for common repair problems, such as:

  • Thermostat issues: Sometimes, problems with the thermostat or needing to recalibrate the thermostat can lead to problems with the heating and cooling service you receive.
  • Leaks: Leaks from the heat pump can lead to a loss of refrigerant, and your system won’t cool properly.
  • Dirty air filter: A dirty air filter hurts the efficiency of your system, but this is something we repair when you call for maintenance service.
  • Dirty outdoor coils: Similarly, if the outdoor coils get dirty, your unit won’t heat and cool your home properly, and this is another place we clean in our maintenance check.

Importance of Professional Heat Pump Servicing

Neglecting your heat pump can lead to serious problems down the road. Not only does a lack of maintenance often mean higher energy bills, but it can also increase the risk of a costly breakdown. You won’t always know when repair issues are brewing without regular care from a qualified professional. You don’t need to take these risks when you have routine service done.

Frequency and Timing of Heat Pump Servicing

If you are ready to protect your heat pump with regular heat pump servicing, then make sure you reach out to A+ Derr to schedule. We recommend two service appointments yearly, one in the spring before you start cooling your home and another in the winter before heating it.

Our technicians will thoroughly check and clean the system at these appointments, ensuring optimal performance throughout the season. We are a fourth-generation family-owned company, which means we take tremendous pride in our customer service.

Don’t leave your heat pump without the right care. Contact A+ Derr online or call (833) 232-4328 to schedule maintenance services in Evansville, IN, or Louisville, KY.

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