Reliable AC Maintenance Services in Evansville, IN & Louisville, KY

Having any household appliance tuned up by a professional is key, and this goes for your AC unit as well. Without proper maintenance, your unit can be met with enough wear and tear that may lead to the need for a repair — or worse — a complete replacement! At A+ Derr Heating & Cooling, we offer comprehensive AC maintenance services designed to keep your unit in check and working to the best of its ability.

Ensure your AC unit is up for the challenge of keeping you and your home cool and comfortable throughout the warmer seasons! Scheduling maintenance with us at (833) 232-4328 or online.

What A+ Derr Checks for During Tune-Ups

The maintenance services at A+ Derr were developed to ensure your AC unit will not fail you when you need it the most. These services tackle a number of tasks, including:

  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Tightening system components
  • Recalibrating the thermostat
  • Lubricating parts as necessary
  • Checking for leaks
  • Running tests to gauge overall performance
  • And more

When you’re ready to schedule an AC maintenance appointment with the A+ Derr team, contact us at (833) 232-4328.

Benefits of Getting Your AC Unit Tuned Up

There are several benefits one can enjoy from having their AC unit regularly maintained. Our maintenance services are designed to keep things with your unit working well, and when you decide to work with us, you can experience the following benefits:

  • An extended unit life span
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Heightened performance
  • Lessened risk of breakdowns
  • Lowered monthly operating costs
  • And more!

To learn more about what our AC maintenance services can do for you, contact us at (833) 232-4328!

How Much Longer Can Annual Tune-Ups Extend an AC Unit’s Life Span?

On average, your AC unit will last around 10 to 15 years; however, this number depends on how well it is cared for! Should you stay on top of regular maintenance, your unit will likely survive closer to 15 years, and, in some cases, properly cared for units can last up to 20 years. Maintenance services aim to keep all of your unit’s many components under control, therefore increasing its efficiency and ultimately extending its life.

Sign Up for a Maintenance Plan

A+ Derr offers our Ultimate Savings Agreement to make maintenance as easy as possible! By signing up, you’ll receive two yearly HVAC maintenance checks, plus plenty of other benefits. You can enjoy discounts on repairs, priority service, and more.

Get the most out of your air conditioning by signing up for our Ultimate Savings Agreement! Call (833) 232-4328 to learn more.

Why You Should Choose A+ Derr for Exceptional AC Maintenance

A+ Derr Heating & Cooling has delivered excellent AC maintenance services to our community since 1975. Our fourth-generation family-operated company aims to achieve 100% satisfaction, and the well-being and comfort of our clients are our first priority. We also proudly offer 24/7 emergency services alongside free estimates on replacement quotes and service calls!

Make sure your AC unit is ready to go with maintenance services from A+ Derr! Call (833) 232-4328 or contact us online to set up an appointment.

AC Maintenance FAQs

Scheduling AC maintenance before the warmer seasons hit is the best time; doing so will ensure your unit is in its best shape and won’t fail you when you need it the most!

A good rule of thumb is to schedule AC maintenance annually; however, some experts recommend having your unit tuned up every six months for full efficiency.

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